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Continuous Band Sealer Vertical Type (Stainless Steel) BS-810AII with Solid Ink Coding

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Vertical continuous band sealer is suitable for sealing the products that is in liquid state or products that is spill able. Besides, this sealer is also work best with the product is pack using a stand-up pouch. The standard control panel consists of the temperature controller, speed controller, and also the switch for ON/OFF, heater and fan. Continuous band sealer is an excellent choice to increase packaging proficiency as it only involves little manual work. This machine is suitable for variety of plastic films and the seals are created using a Teflon belt. This machine works with solid-ink coder where labels could be print while sealing.

Use Teflon belt size 810mmx15mmx0.2mm

* Machine will be courier in box packaging and without installation.

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Category: Manual Sealer


  • Voltage: 240V/50Hz 
  • Power: 750W 
  • Sealing Speed: 0-12meter/minute 
  • Sealing Width: 10mm 
  • Temperature: 0-300°C 
  • Word Number: 20 
  • Max. Conveyor Loading: Single ≤ 1 kg 
  • Printing Category: Dry Ink Printing 
  • Overall Size: 950x400x670mm 
  • Weight: 50kg