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Continuous Band Sealer Horizontal Type BS-770AIII

RM 1800.00
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This machine is suitable for sealing small packaging products as the standard control panel consist of the temperature controller, speed controller, and also the switch for ON/OFF, heater and fan. Continuous band sealer is an excellent choice to increase packaging proficiency as it only involves little manual work. This machine is suitable for variety of plastic films and the seals are created using a Teflon belt.

Use Teflon belt size 770mmx15mmx0.2mm

* Machine will be courier in box packaging and without installation.

Category: Manual Sealer


  • Voltage: 240V/50Hz 
  • Total Power: 650W 
  • Sealing Speed: 0-12meter/minute 
  • Sealing Width: 10mm 
  • Temperature Range: 0-300°C 
  • Height from the sealing center to the conveying table: 10mm-40mm 
  • Printing category: Steel pressing wheel printing 
  • Single Conveyor Loading: ≤ 1kg 
  • Overall Conveyor Loading: ≤ 3kg 
  • Dimension: 840x550x800 mm 
  • Weight: 35kg