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Automatic Impulse Sealer WN-455A

RM 2000.00
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This machine is known as impulse heat sealing where thermoplastic materials will be joined together by a moderate temperature and establish an effective seal. This machine does not require the warm up duration where it can be directly used after machine is on. Sealing can be operating automatically after the 3 timers (sealing time, congealing time and re-cycle or known as waiting time) had set accordingly. Manual can also be done by control using a foot switch (re-cycle time set to 0).

Suitable Heating Element: 0.15mmx5mm (Flat)

* Machine will be courier in box packaging and without installation.

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Category: Manual Sealer


  • Voltage: 110V/240V 
  • Power: 600W 
  • Max. Sealing (L x W): 450 x 5mm 
  • Pre-Heating Time: 0 ~ 1.5 sec. 
  • Weight: 19kgs 
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 530 x 360 x 200mm
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