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Foot Type Manual Direct Heat Sealer W-450D

RM 1800.00
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Both jaws will be heated simultaneously to possess a better heat penetration for sealing thicker materials. Therefore, this machine is suitable to seal materials such as coated aluminium foil, gusseted bags or coated kraft paper. By using the foot pedal, operator can use both hands to hold the bags to make an excellent and perfect sealing.

* Machine will be courier in box packaging and without installation.
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Category: Manual Sealer


  • Voltage & Power: 110/220/240V 
  • Power: 250W 
  • Max. Seal: 400x15mm 
  • Warm up time: 7 min. 
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 400x400x1200mm 
  • Weight: 15kg 
  • Heating control by timer 
  • Direct heat control by thermostat 
  • Stealing pattern: Diamond Dot
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